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Living in this upside down world


My Bio

Born & grew up here in Hong Kong. The quality of my childhood would be considered a poor one by today's standards. I didn't have many toys and couldn't even have many hobbies, as they usually cost money. Fortunately my hobbies do not cost much. My favourite games were Chinese chess and puzzles, and they still are my favourites today. When my twin sister didn't have the mood to play with me, I didn't mind to compete with myself. Even today I still love chess. In fact, I find everyday life is like having a chess game with everyone that I meet.

My school life was not a happy one. I always got bullied by the seniors. They gave me very unpleasant nicknames. However, one of the nicknames made me popular in that school. Some people called me that name even I didn't know them. This nickname started with an "E". But I'm not going to tell you here what is it, because I had enough bad times at school. Fortunately I finished school when I was only 16. I have been working and learning in this BIG "Social University" for over decades now. Although I don't have this so called "sand paper", I am confident to say that I'm more intelligent than most university graduate students here in HK. I believe in working hard and continuously setting higher goals for myself. Look, my trading company is not yet as successful as I would wish for but I have already made my dream come true.

Scorpio is my zodiac sign. Jealous, hard working, sexy, intense. My sign really tells the kind of person I am. A green-eyed monster but I am able to spur myself on to my own achievements and success. My abundant energy is devoted to work, in order to raise my standard of living. I was told I'm sexy and attractive. I believe that is what Pluto made me.

Friends are the treasures in my life. I feel so lucky to have so many good friends all around the world. I sing them a birthday song on their birthday - I do my best to keep this habit. Perhaps you may find me selfish, I don't like to share. I have shared almost everything with my twin sister since I was born. A birthday song from overseas is just for me. I find that is the most beautiful present I always want to give and to receive also.

I consider Mauritius as my second home. I was always curious about this place when I was small, as my dad was born in Mauritius, I had the opportunity to become a Mauritian before I turned 22. With the support of my uncles and aunts, I went to my dad's birth place to look for my roots. Right before I turned 22, I got my Mauritian citizenship. I'm happy to know my family there. My grandma has 12 children of her own. Her sister has 13. So you can imagine how big a family we are. This is one of the reasons why I can always travel around the world by myself. I can always look for family members to visit.

My Family

My family is considered as ordinary chaos like many others - I believe.

My father was born in Mauritius in 1919. I believe you must be calculating his age now. Unfortunately he passed away when he was 96 (in 2015). He was a healthy old man until 2013. He carried no cane or stick. He took no pills for blood pressure; cholesterol and diabetes. I feel very lucky to have him as my father. He used to live with me until 31 Aug 2012. He was a very funny man. But we fought from time to time over the same thing and we forgave each other quickly every time. It was his stubborness separated us. He got one terrible habit, he loved collecting things. He was a hoarder. Everything had been "One day, it will come in handy" for him. I'm not sure if you can imagine how his room was like when we lived together. I felt very sad that he suffered from this illness. No proper medicine can cure this but made him tired only. Now he is in heaven. Do hope God will show a way to all the hoarders and their family a solution.

My father was a wonderful guy. He loved to help others. But bad people took advantages from him. Standard Chartered Bank lured him to buy investment funds when he was 92. And made him to sign documents to switch funds twice in 8 months. I was able to help him to retrieve the lost before too late. But this horrible bank forged my signature and set up a joint-name account with my father on Sep 28, 2000. I don't know how much money this bank took from my father. I believe in Karma. One day these bad people will be punished. Since my father had gone, I have been donating the dividend from this "cheating investment funds" to different charities. Always put my father name as the donor. HKMPS has been the major recipent of this donation. I just inherit how my father cared about the others. Especially those were born without "choices".

My uncle Ben (actually he was my father 1st cousin), he was like a second father to me. I told him everything. We loved each other very much. Unfortunately he left us during COVID, he will always in my mind and in my heart.

My Family Tree

I have a very big family with relatives all over the world.
And most of them prefer to live as a hermit, so a password is required to see who they are.



These are the mottos; My views; And what I believe in!

Keep the engine running

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get

Do things right

Do the right thing

Help those are less fortunate when you live in abundance

Everything has 2 faces

Never ever look down on me

Life is so fragile, don't stop loving the person you live with/ work with/ are karmically connected with


I worked for quite a few companies.
Now I work for myself over different areas


Private Tuition Agency


Wing's Salon
Universal (J&K) Enterprises Co
Alliance Hip Shing Sportswear Ltd
Bought Out
Alta Moda International Ltd
Closed Down

I am really good at:



Microsoft Office


Web Design


Image Restoration



Although my academic wasn't that great, I enjoy learning different things.
Check what I have learnt.

Ms. Sun of Wesley College and watching TV programmes.

Ms. Sun has been the best English teacher I reckon. I still remember the classes were always started with "How are you today?" "What date is today?" "How do you find the weather today?" Simple and useful to start a conversation with anyone.

I always love watching TV and movie. My very first movie was Tootsie or E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (couldn't remember it exactly). Yup, both were Hollywood movie, not local Chinese one. And even watching TV programmes, I always love foreign one. My favorite character has been McGuvyer. I wouldn't mind to watch the whole series again if there is a re-run.

Nihongo Cultural Center.

My first job since I left school was a Japanese company. I think it makes sense to learn the company culture through its language. But Asian languages hasn't been my cup of tea. I remember all the characters - katakana and hiragana; as well as some useful sentences. Without much practise and only been to Japan once, I probably will put a full stop on this language.

Alliance Française de Hong Kong and Ecole Moderne de Secrétariat et de Langues/Geneva, Switzerland.

My very first French word was "caca". I learnt it from my dad. He used to joke if I want "caca" as my dessert. I don't know how much French words my dad remembered. Occassionally he spoke with some French words. I believe this has been the reason why I love to learn French.

It is essential to learn Mandarin if you want to work with mainland Chinese. I took some lessons from a lady who lived in Mei Foo. She was from Beijing. A very nice lady.

But these days if any HongKonger is interested to speak better Mandarin, you don't need not to find a teacher but watch news and perhaps listening to Chinese songs. And it is about time for me to listen to some good songs.

Goethe-Institut Hongkong.

It is another useful language for me, as I'm working with many Swiss (German side). I find German is the most difficult one compare with all the languages I have learnt.

I made some good friends from Italy. And that was the reason why I learn Italian. But I'm not a good student in this language.

Dave Kristula - davesite.com

I never have the opportunity to study at a university. I do not regret the decision that I made. My twin sister and her husband studied IT in City University/HK. Instead of teaching me how to create a website, she told me to "Google HTML". I did and I found Dave. I consider Dave as my best teacher/mentor ever. It is never too late to learn any new thing. Dave's site is considered the best HTML/CSS tutorial site. Please do spare time to check on his site and learn HTML for your life. Dave and I connected some years ago when he found my site.


There is a phase between Windows XP and Windows 7. I took a 3hours course to understand the difference between the two Windows. Once I get used to the new system, everything become very easy. Now I'm using Windows 10. Not sure next time when I alter this site, which Windows system I will be using.

Fevaworks / CITYU

Word; Excel; PowerPoint; Outlook - 4 basic computer skills. I learnt WYSIWYG editor long before I have the access of Microsoft Office. To me, they are similar editors. I don't know if there are any other editors available in the market. But for sure if you work in an office, you certainly do need to know how to use MS Office.

Fevaworks / CITYU / Unisoft

Photoshop | Illustrator | Dreamweaver | Fireworks | Flash | Acrobat

Since Adobe modify the way how they charge users annually, I have had learnt quite a few other softwares apart from above. But Photoshop; Illustrator and Acrobat, have still been the most useful softwares for my daily work.


A simple way to explain what is programming - substitution. Instead of copy and pasting all the html tag, a single line of code will do all the repeat work for you. It is fun and interesting to learn programming.

Fevaworks / Mete Doğan

I took a crash course from Fevaworks, it doesn't take long to forget everything easily. Thank you Mete to help me and test me some of the commands, I'm on the right track to build something using the software. Hopefully it helps me to change the career.

KC Driving School

I found KC Driving School through Facebook. I believe Chong Sir is a wonderful good teacher, but I haven't got the chance to learn driving from him. I failed in my first 2 lessons Got 16 stitches over my right calf during my first lesson. Got 3pcs of skin feeled off from my right calf (again) during my second lesson. My friend who gave me the scooter joked with me "how much money I need to pay you to stop taking any more lessons?" Well, I guess driving is not really for me.

Wing's salon

I enjoy learning new things. Cosmetic has never been my thing. I usually wear no make-up. But design a new haircut and dye one's hair is very interesting to me.


I love to cook.
Here are some of my recipes

The recipes listed here are refined after many times of failure. Although I'm not a top cook, I wouldn't mind to share my experience with people who enjoy cooking. Enlighten me if you have another idea to share with me.


There are many things and people I like.
Check what/who I like.

  • Life time favourite - My mom's cooking
  • Type - Shanghaiese food
  • Fruit - Cherries
  • Meat - Chicken wings
  • Vegetable - Pea shoot
  • Dessert - Serradura

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Turquoise

  • 1st - MacGyver
  • 2nd - Friends
  • 3rd - Doraemon (叮噹)
  • 4th - Amazing Race

  • 1st - Pretty Woman
  • 2nd - Life is beautiful
  • 3rd - Amélie

  • 1st - Richard Dean Anderson
  • 2nd - Tom Hanks
  • 3rd - Johnny Depp

  • 1st - Jennifier Aniston
  • 2nd - Julia Roberts
  • 3rd - Audrey Tautou

  • 1st - Tahiti
  • 2nd - France
  • 3rd - Singapore

  • 1st - Mete Doğan
  • 2nd - Malvern Chicksen
  • 3rd - Andrew Sellenger
  • 4th - Stephen Shiu

  • 1st - Irish dance
  • 2nd - Tap dance
  • 3rd - Salsa

  • 1st - Wakeboarding
  • 2nd - Swimming
  • 3rd - Riding bicycle

  • 1st - Watch TV/Movie
  • 2nd - Cooking
  • 3rd - Clean up the apartement


There are many things and people I hate/dislike.
Check what/who I hate/dislike.

  • Type - Mexican food
  • Fruit - Durian
  • Meat - Abalone
  • Vegetable - Garland chrysanthemum
  • Dessert - Chestnut cake

  • Pale Orange
  • Tan
  • Green

  • She Bangs by William Hung

  • Teletubbies

  • War related movies

  • 1st - Leon Lai
  • 2nd - Aaron Kwok
  • 3rd - Stephen Chow

  • Paris Hilton

  • Groβmaischeid, Germany
  • Mauritius - People changed, the people in this country made me shame of it

  • 1st - Berk Taylor
  • 2nd - Berk Taylor
  • 3rd - Berk Taylor

This American probably is the most selfish; shallow and dirt cheap guy you could find on earth.

  • 1st - Golf
  • 2nd - Dirt bike
  • 3rd - Game fishing

  • 1st - TV game
  • 2nd - Video game
  • 3rd - Mobile phone game



edited by ERNEST BELL, M.A.


The primary object of this little collection of poems is to supply suitable pieces, with humane teaching, for repetition and for school and other entertainments, where recitations are included in the programs. It is hoped also that some professional reciters will not disdain to make use of some of the poems either as first or as encore pieces. We believe they will be received with approval by most British audiences, with whom the need and value of humane teaching is steadily being recognized more and more.

The majority of the pieces have appeared in the Animals’ Friend during the last twenty-five years, but Byron’s well-known epitaph on a Newfoundland Dog has been incorporated, and a few other standard pieces by Sir Edwin Arnold, E.H. Blakeney, Edward Carpenter, J. Galsworthy, Miss G. Lyster, Canon Rawnsley, Sir Rennell Rodd, Henry S. Salt, Walt Whitman and one from Punch, have been included with the kind permission of the authors and proprietors, for which we here express our thanks.




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